Welding Jobs Trinity Trailer

Fabricator and Welder Level 1


DEPARTMENT: Fabrication
SALARY: $13.50 – $16.50 per hour


Home to the finest trailer craftsmen in the world. With agriculture as the primary focus of our business, we excel at designing and manufacturing belt trailers. Our focus was and continues to be the perfection of the EagleBridge design.

What you won’t hear from us: “I’m sorry but we don’t build that,” or “that is an option that we don’t currently offer.” Our sales professionals work intensively with customers on finding solutions, and our engineers pride themselves on creating custom products for customers in days. This highly skilled and motivated group of individuals strive daily to improve upon a product and process that truly is world class.

We are located in one of the best places to live in the country: Boise, ID. With abundant outdoor recreation, a low cost of living, good schools, and nice people, Boise consistently ranks in the best places to live.

Finally, we welcome the best-of-the-best to join our team with generous salary and a top-notch benefits package. You start accruing paid time off the day you start, you’re eligible for health benefits after 60 days, and we’ll match contributions to your 401k account up to 4%.


A love for building things, and a love for discovering how everything fits together to create a premium product – and if it doesn’t fit, the drive to collaborate with team members and figure out why.

Can perform vertical and horizontal fillet MIG welds on carbon, aluminum, and stainless steel with ease. Operating a crane and forklifts in order to flip trailers upright and transport materials is no big thing.

You’re just as careful about matching up the finished product to blueprints and quality standards and change orders as you are about following safety protocols.

Multitasking, prioritizing your time, and working in a fast-paced team environment is second-nature to you. You feel just as comfortable working with your contemporaries as you do the CEO.