Jacob Nunes
Finish Department Supervisor

Coming up through the ranks is pretty common for employees at Trinity Trailer. The retention of that institutional knowledge is one of the reasons Trinity is known for delivering high quality and reliable trailers. Many of today’s supervisors at the belt trailer manufacturing plant began their career as entry level employees, eventually progressing to higher levels of responsibility.  

Jacob Nunes, Trinity’s new Finish Department Supervisor, followed this same path.

Almost 7 years ago, Jacob was looking for a change of scenery and moved to Boise from New Mexico. He took a position as a welder at Trinity, a role that leveraged his experience at a structural steel company.

“I applied for the job, took the welding test, and a week later had an offer,” Jacob remembers. “I had heard good things about working for Trinity, so I was excited to join the company!”

For the next several years, Jacob grew his talents — both in welding craftsmanship and leadership. Colleagues saw Jacob as an uplifting person and someone always quick with a smile. Supervisors knew he could be counted on and was someone who took great pride in the quality of his work.

When the company decided to send a crew around the country to work on trailers, it was no surprise that Jacob was on the team. During that trip, Jacob’s skill and personality impressed his supervisor. So when Trinity was looking for a Finish Department Supervisor, Jacob was at the top of the list. In December of 2017, he was promoted to the position.

Jacob now leads the two finish department teams. The finishing touches every Trinity belt trailer receives are made by Jacob and his team. From the lights, hydraulics, fenders and tires to the suspension, brakes, plastics and even decals, Jacob ensures that each trailer is prepared to haul the toughest loads.

Outside of work, Jacob spends his free time — such as it is — in the garage or in Idaho’s great outdoors.

“I’ve got 7 kids ages 6 to 20. What’s free time?” he jokes.

When there are moments of calm, Jacob enjoys working on cars. He’s currently converting a 1982 Chevy S10 to a V8 pickup. He also enjoys the Idaho outdoors, and you’ll find him and the family out off-roading, camping, or riding their ATVs.

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