Jarod Spurrier

Jarod Spurrier
Service Supervisor

In 2010, Jarod Spurrier was fresh out of the Marine Corps, having just completed his second tour of duty as an infantry mortarman in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’d spent a few months working at his father’s motorcycle shop, but with his wife days away from giving birth to their first child, Jarod was looking for a full-time job with benefits. So on a Thursday morning — on the advice of his brother — Jarod applied for a position with Trinity and was almost immediately offered the job.

It was perfect timing — that weekend his daughter was born!

Now, seven years later, Jarod, relying on the discipline and communication skills he learned in the Marines, has progressed through the Trinity ranks to the position of Service Supervisor. He is responsible for ensuring that every single trailer meets the demanding standards set by Trinity.

Jarod also oversees a team of employees that manage any servicing, repairs and warranty work for customers. Whether for minor or major issues (they once got called when a customer’s trailer caught fire), Jarod and his team evaluate the trailer, then walk through the options with the customer. After they define an action plan, the team prepares a quote — the same day if possible — then gets to work!

A typical day for Jarod is rarely typical. The challenges can be varied and unique, including servicing trailers that have been working hard, sometimes for decades. Once they even rebuilt a trailer built in the 1980s after it had been over-filled, and torn in half when it was pulled over railroad tracks. It was hauled back to the Trinity shop and completely rebuilt, repainted and then put back to work.

When Jarod isn’t hard at work at Trinity, he’s enjoying time with his daughter, son, and wife — who’s expecting the couple’s third child.

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