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We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of any customer requirements. With a workforce second to none, our strength is in our people and in the design of our belt trailers.

Trinity Trailer Mfg., Inc.® began designing and building self unloading conveyor belt trailers in 1975. With agriculture as the primary focus of our business, we excel at designing and manufacturing belt trailers. Our focus was and continues to be the perfection of the EagleBridge design.

Each belt trailer is built in our Boise, Idaho factory by the best craftsmen on Earth. Enjoy a (virtual) tour of the factory and learn what it takes to build these self unloading trailers.

Engineering & Product Innovation

Our engineering department can create solutions in days. Utilizing the latest in Computer Aided Design and backing up the design with Finite Element Analysis, engineering can assure that only the very best goes into our trailers. This highly skilled and motivated group of individuals strive daily to improve upon a product and process that truly is world class.

Customer Service & Support

Trinity’s sales team is experienced and eager to assist our customers to match the right set of trailer options to the right application. We welcome any custom requirements that are needed to fulfill our customer’s satisfaction with their trailer. If you have been told “I’m sorry but we don’t build that,” or “That is an option that we don’t currently offer,” then contact us. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.




We’re fortunate to work with some of the best people in the industry, and we get to do it in one of the most amazing places in the country. Boise, Idaho is frequently listed as one of the top places to live and work — and since we’ve been based here since we started our company in 1975, we’re certainly not going to disagree!

Interested in joining our family? You can see our list of job openings or contact our HR team.