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Designed to withstand the rigors of quarry work, uneven terrain, and rural roads, Trinity belt trailers — with their chain and flap unloading system — are unparalleled in speed, operational simplicity, ease of maintenance, longevity, and reliability.

When you’re hauling aggregate or mining products in a self-unloading belt trailer you need durability, dependability (no down time), and tough (but lightweight) trailers that can safely handle rough terrain.

You have just narrowed the field to EagleBridge Trinity belt trailers. Whether backhauling sand or crushed gravel, delivering copper concentrate, or chunks of coal, Trinity trailers can be equipped to handle the job and protect your investment.

While dirt and sand is a piece of cake, if you’re dropping huge chunks of coal during the loading process, you’ll want to consider a heavy duty stainless 1/8 floor and slope. That rock may require our rugged 48” belt and 30,000 lb. suspension options.


What Aggregate Do You Haul

A good aggregate trailer has to be tough for the rugged roads they drive. Trinity offers large capacity belt trailers so that you can make the most every trip to the mine. Listed are the best trailers to haul different types of aggregates. Click to see options.

Added Options

Tell the Mines Safety Officer to relax. Trinity belt trailers don’t tip over like the dump trailers that were just thrown off the job.

Adding a 1/4” UHMW plastic side liner to the top rail will be your best bet to handle abrasive loads.

When ordering your trailer, be sure and specify a muscular high torque 240 Hydraulic Motor to ensure a successful — and quick — unload.

Your driver will probably be required to stay in the cab — ask us about the Eagletron Remote Control unloading system.

We also offer various scale systems to weigh your load to avoid tickets and assure maximum payload.