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Protect the life, reliability and resale value of your trailer. When repair work is needed, accept no substitutes – let us help.

Factory Service & Repair

Bin Service
  • Wreck repairs
  • Trailer bin repairs and replacement
  • Body sheet replacement
  • Complete sandblast and repaint
  • Kingpin replacement
  • Landing gear repair and replacement
  • Suspension repair and replacement
  • Rear door repair and replacement
Repair Services
  • Federal inspection
  • ABS system diagnosis and repair
  • Brake replacement
  • Air system testing and repair
  • Axle maintenance and replacement
  • Laser axle alignment
  • Air ride system repair
  • Leaf spring replacement
  • Light system installation, repair, and replacement
  • Plastic replacement
  • Plastic welding
  • Tarp installation and repairs
  • Adjust and replace chain and flap assembly
  • Replace front and rear shafts
  • Rear shaft re-sprocketing
  • Kingpin replacement
  • Landing gear repair and replacement
Installation Services
  • Install gas unload systems
  • Install electric unload systems
  • Install truck PTO systems
  • Hydraulic system maintenance and installation
  • Tarp system installation and upgrades.
  • Aluminum extension installation
General Services
  • Aluminum welding
  • Stainless welding
  • Carbon steel welding

Contact the Service Department

Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm MST Mon-Fri
Phone: 208-336-3666 (Boise area) | 800-734-8730 (toll free)
Fax: 208-336-0277

Warranty Service & Repair

Trinity is home of the finest trailer craftsmen, and we’re proud of the products we build. We stand behind them 100% with an industry leading three-year warranty on all new trailers. If you ever have a problem, let us know.

Looking to have your Trinity belt trailer repaired or updated? Take a look at some recent examples of “Before and After” work we’ve completed.