06 October, 2022

Jordan Armstrong: Leading Teams and Emphasizing Customer Service

Meet Our National Sales Manager

Jordan Armstrong knows sales. Many of his jobs before Trinity were in sales, even all the way back to his teenage days. Jordan was trained in sales and customer service by some of the country’s biggest retail giants. “I learned at an early age how important customer relationships and service are,” he says. “There’s really nothing more important than making the customer your first priority.”

In his current role, Jordan manages Trinity’s sales team and the roles that support sales. He spent almost six years himself as a territory sales manager covering different areas around the country. “I’ve been brought up through the company and have hands-on experience selling and working with the equipment everyday,” he says. “Each position I’ve had has prepared me for the next.”

Jordan joined Trinity ten years ago in the paint shop, where he worked in paint preparation, sandblasting and painting before eventually becoming paint shop team leader. 

Leading the sales team

Jordan says his sales team is made up of many talented, hard-working individuals. “We are continually building the best team we can at Trinity,” he says. “We already have a great group of individuals who fit our core values and know how to get the job done. The team will only grow stronger as we move forward.”

According to Jordan, his team knows the value of Trinity’s reputation. “Trinity Trailer is known as an industry leader that operates at the forefront of innovation,” he says. “We strive to live up to that reputation daily. Our employees know and understand this, and operate at a higher level because of it.”

A culture of collaboration 

Jordan says one of the greatest things about Trinity is the company’s spirit of collaboration. “It’s remarkable to watch how many people get involved to solve a single challenge,” he says. “When it comes to helping a customer, Trinity’s level of collaboration and customer service from every department is significant and impressive. Collaboration is one of our core values and it comes naturally to our people.”

Jordan also loves Trinity’s progressive nature and how it’s always looking to improve efficiencies and processes. “The company is always innovating and streamlining how we do things, which makes it better for all employees and ultimately the customer,” he says. “Not only are our culture and operations leaps and bounds more refined and well-received than the competition, but we’re always trying to build a better way. Trinity is never complacent, and we’re just going to keep widening the gap between us and our competitors.”

Good ideas can come from anywhere

Jordan says one of Trinity’s strengths is that it welcomes ideas from all levels of the company. “We encourage everyone to speak up about ideas they may have, regardless of what level they are,” he says. “Ideas are welcomed with open arms and can come from anyone. We are always trying to find better ways to do things, from accounting to manufacturing to the sales process.”

Idaho roots

Jordan was born near Pocatello but has lived in Idaho’s Treasure Valley for most of his life. Because of his family’s deep Eastern Idaho roots, many Trinity clients in Eastern Idaho either know his dad or the family name.

In his free time, Jordan likes to get off the grid and camp with his family a couple times a month. During the summer he enjoys wake surfing and in winter he and his wife like to hit the slopes — she on skis and him on a snowboard. Together they have two children ages four and one. 

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