16 February, 2022

Meet Our General Manager of Dealerships

Lane Armstrong: A wealth of Trinity knowledge

No one knows how to provide solutions and solve problems like Lane Armstrong. He has gained—and retains every day—an incredible amount of product knowledge during his 25 tenure at Trinity.

A solid team. 

In his current role, Lane works closely with Trinity’s three dealerships in Idaho and Washington. They oversee the three factory dealerships to be efficient and productive. “We’re always looking over numbers and how to best use our labor force,” he says. “Are all three shops operating as efficiently as possible? Are parts shipping on a regular basis? We also work with customers directly, providing them with warranty information, service manuals and other how-to’s. We make sure customer support is operating at a high level.”

Lane says he’s proud of what his direct team is able to do. “They are really phenomenal,” he says. “They do a great job of taking care of customers. We definitely have the right people in the right spots. They are great at retaining information—which can be difficult. There’s a lot to learn about our products and offerings, and new products come out all the time. We have to retain a lot of information each day. We have to be ready—you never know what question will come from customers next over the phone.”

A lifelong career with Trinity.

Lane started with the company a quarter century ago when he was fresh out of high school. His brother worked for a transportation company that continues to buy Trinity products and he told Lane that Trinity was looking for welders. 

This was a perfect fit for Lane, who had taken a welding class in high school. “We used to weld snowmobile trailers for farmers in American Falls,” he says. “We used schematics and studied blueprints. It was a great foundation for me.”

Once he started with Trinity, Lane quickly rose through the ranks. He started in the fab shop and worked his way to become team lead, where he helped lead the jigging process and bay and parts operations, among other areas. 

After many years in the fab shop, he moved to the materials department where he served at the materials warehouse as materials and parts supervisor until he entered his current position. Needless to say, Lane knows Trinity products and processes inside out.

What he loves about his job.

When asked about his favorite part of what he does, Lane says he loves working with his team to innovatively solve problems and serve customers. “There are always processes to improve and challenges to overcome,” he says. “I’ll even help customers late at night if they run into trouble and problem solve with them right over the phone. I try to be there for them when they need Trinity the most.”

Lane says he is impressed with the talent of Trinity’s overall team. “We have a lot of years of experience,” he says. We all do a great job of collaborating and communicating. We help one another and back each other up. We do our best to support customers above all else.”

A brand customers can trust.

“When people ask me why they should buy a Trinity trailer, I tell them I’ve been with the company for a long time,” Lane says. “I’ve been there—I’ve built them. I know how they go together. I know how durable they are and how we overbuild them to make sure they’re perfect for customers. We build these trailers specific to customers’ needs. They’re getting a good quality product that will last a lifetime if they maintain and service them properly.”

What sets Trinity apart.

Lane says Trinity’s biggest differentiator is its customer service. “We go above and beyond to take care of customers—we always have,” he says. “Our customer service guys who are on the front lines, the knowledge they have is amazing. They do a fantastic job of solving issues and helping customers when they need assistance. Our parts and service guys are second to none.”