27 June, 2022

Expert Process Improver and Team Collaborator

Meet Our Production Manager

Dave Eagle has seen it all – he’s been with Trinity for a cumulative 20 years after starting when he was 20 years old. His friend, who was working at Trinity at the time, told him there was an opening in the finish shop and he’s been with us ever since. During his tenure at Trinity, Dave has worked as a team leader in the finish shop, fabrication shop, fabrication parts shop and as a supervisor in fabrication and the research and development department. 

Today Dave serves as Trinity’s production manager, overseeing 90 employees in paint, fabrication, truck bed line, maintenance and fabrication parts. “Everything I learned in my previous roles has prepared me for what I’m doing now,” he says. “Together with my team, I make sure each shop is running efficiently, maintaining safety standards and on track with production goals.”

The secret to Dave’s success

“One of our biggest strengths is that we just try to do what makes sense,” Dave says. “That is how we’re able to overcome hurdles and get the right input from the right people. It’s how we make the best decisions. Rarely does just one person decide anything. We try to make sure everyone is heard and the best ideas have a chance to come forward.”

Dave tries to ensure everyone on his team has opportunities to contribute. “I want people to come to work and feel safe and supported,” he says. “They should feel like this is a family and have a group that helps them. We try to use everyone’s talents in the best way possible. We look at designs and processes and come up with solutions together.”

Why he likes his job

Dave loves working at Trinity and has always loved problem-solving. “Every day I don’t know what’s going to happen and I like the challenges that come my way,” he says. “I like learning new things and making improvements – I have to be resourceful and think outside the box.”

Dave believes in the trailers Trinity builds. “When someone asks me why they should buy a Trinity trailer, I tell them there are many people who put a lot of pride into these trailers,” he says. “They are built to last and the design work that goes into them is carefully thought out. I truly believe we have the best product on the market.”

Why customers trust Trinity

Dave says Trinity trailers are different from anything else out there. “We’ve been doing this a long time — close to 50 years we’ve been in business,” he says. “We recently saw a Trinity trailer made in 1986 come in that’s still a functioning trailer. To me, that’s a testament to their rigidity, flexibility and longevity. Others don’t make the type of trailers we do in the same way, and that’s what we consistently hear from our customers.”

The role he was born for

In some ways, Dave has always been preparing for his current role at Trinity. Since he was a kid, he’s loved taking things apart and putting them back together. Dave also loves to draw. “I can visualize shapes and see designs come together in my head,” he says. “I try to have dry erase boards in as many areas as I can.”

At home, Dave enjoys restoring retro arcade games and is currently building a pinball machine. He’s also modifying a microwave with his son and experimenting with it. “I’ve taken things apart my whole life,” he says. “I’m always in the middle of ten different projects at home and always looking for more. It keeps me entertained, that’s for sure.”

Changes at Trinity

Dave has seen a lot of change during his time at Trinity, including many changes in technology and design processes. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen a lot,” he says. “I remember when Trinity went to 48 belts and 61 belts, and added top hinge doors. I’ve seen changes in hydraulics systems and the types of lights we use. It’s a constantly evolving trailer as far as the design, and it will only continue to get better.”

Looking toward the future, Dave says Trinity is perfectly poised for success. “I see us constantly growing, expanding into new areas and selling more trailers,” he says. “I see the truck bed line getting bigger and growing. We’ll only continue to get more output in every area.”