Agile enough to go anywhere. Tough enough for any job.

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What makes an EagleBed right for the job?

Easy to Operate — All from the Driver’s Seat

Each EagleBed has a full-length, fold-down side door that can be completely operated using a remote control. To prevent jamming and debris build-up, our doors don’t have any latches or interior shelving. We also install two high performance 2.5″ hydraulic rams on the side door, which can hold the door closed with up to 3000 PSI of pressure.

Stainless Steel Durability

EagleBeds are built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, making them lighter and more durable than carbon steel live-bottom truck bodies. Even after decades of hauling in harsh conditions, these truck bodies will still be working hard getting the job done.

EagleBeds come standard in three bed lengths and capacities: 20’ at 26 yards, 23’ at 30 yards, and 25’ at 33 yards.

Protects Even the Most Delicate Payload

Trinity’s slope tail is lower than the competition, bringing the unload point closer to the bin. This allows for a gentler unload that reduces damage to potatoes, onions, beets or whatever else you need to haul.

Our Dual-Drive continuous belt system has front and rear planetaries, and includes an industry-leading rear roller with ceramic cleats to provide a better grip on the belt which virtually eliminates slippage.

Add to Your Current Rig

These truck bodies come with a 30” continuous belt that can be mounted to your current truck chassis. We’ll ship the EagleBed and brackets to your operation so you can install it yourself, or you can bring your truck to us and we’ll install it for you.

The EagleBed’s mounting system is designed to flex with the truck chassis as it travels over rough roads and uneven ground, minimizing cracking.


Industry-Leading 3-Year Warranty

Every EagleBed includes a 3-year warranty on all major components. From our workmanship to the materials we use, you have our word that our EagleBeds are free from any defects.

Unloads In Minutes

Each EagleBed features state-of-the-art tech that can unload any payload — from mulch to potatoes — in under 5 minutes.

  • 7.5 HP electric motor hydraulic system
  • PTO
  • Load-sense hydraulic pump
  • Continuous conveyor belt
  • Dual-drive planetary in the front and rear of the truck body

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