What do you haul?

“The guys find them easy to operate and now that we’ve been established for ten years, having the same trailers makes it a lot easier to manage maintenance. We haven’t had any issues.”

– Jeff Jeanson, Burbank Express General Manager Read more about their experience with Trinity trailers.

Trusted. Proven. Hardworking.

Since inventing and patenting the EagleBridge trailer in 1975, Trinity trailers have excelled at hauling bulk commodities longer than any other self-unloading trailer. We get that delivering commodities requires hauling the heaviest loads on the roughest county roads, while absorbing the punishment year after year. With over 40 years of proven success, Trinity trailers have gained a reputation of longevity and reliability.

Trinity trailers are engineered to contribute to your bottom line.


Anyone who’s run a conventional trailer off-road, in-field or over uneven terrain knows exactly how hard it is on the trailer. And a broken trailer means lost income. Our unique, amazingly flexible design means more time on the job and far fewer repairs. Buyers who are serious about performance choose EagleBridge.


Trinity trailers are engineered to be the lightest weight and most durable belt trailer available. We have always been lighter than the competition, sometimes as much as a ton lighter, which allows for higher payloads. We have performed extensive structural analysis and fatigue analysis and combined that knowledge with over 40 years of field experience.