When our engineering team goes to work, we’re only focused on one thing—belt trailers. That’s why Trinity continues to innovate our trailers. Each one has been meticulously engineered to meet the grueling demands of every haul—time and time again.


When our engineering team goes to work, they’re only focused on one thing—making the best belt trailers on the market. Because of that singular focus, each EagleBridge and AGRI-FLEX trailer has been meticulously trailer flexingengineered to meet the grueling demands of every haul—time and time again.


Trinity’s conveyor belt trailers combine the EagleBridge design—a unique suspension of the trailer body from the top rails—with all-stainless steel construction. This design allows Trinity belt trailer bodies to flex—up to 18 degrees from side to side for a total flex of 36 degrees—and come back into form with minimal damage or cracking, unlike the rigid and heavier aluminum framed trailers.


Because of our frameless design, standard height Trinity belt trailers weigh less, even though we use 16-gauge stainless steel wall construction. Trinity’s lighter weight means you can haul more product per load. The frameless design is also easier to clean than boxed trailers. There are no concealed cavities or compartments where ice or mud can build up (which adds weight) on bad weather days or in tough field conditions.


Hauling corrosive materials or making hauls in bad weather? Acids and corrosive chemicals can take their toll on traditional trailers. When you haul with Trinity, your trailer will maintain its structural strength for many years to come thanks to our corrosion resistant stainless steel trailers.

Precision Engineering

Trinity uses precision laser cutting to create stainless steel trailer parts that meet the grueling demands of every haul our trailers make—time and time again.


Our 60″ x 120″ table size allows us to cut large sheets.

We can cut:
  • Carbon Steel up to 3/4″
  • Clean cut Stainless Steel up to 3/8″
  • Aluminum up to 3/8″
  • Tolerance +-.004
  • Repeatability Tolerance +-.0002

Hydraulic Manifold.

Our state-of-the-art Hydraulic Power System is modular, expandable and ready for the future. Automatic switching provides availability to Gasoline, Electric or PTO power on demand. Available with wired or remote capabilities.

Wired Remote.

Wired remote controls allow the operator to control the doors and belt speed from the rear of the trailer, the cab of the truck, or anywhere in between. Multiple controls can be added to allow for curbside or driver’s operation.

Maintenance Ladder.

The newly redesigned maintenance ladder is made of aluminum for reduced weight and is easily removed and stored safely on the curbside of the trailer when not in use.

Rear Doors.

All of our trailers come standard with a CRD rear door which offers superior corrosion resistance. The slide-up section is standard aluminum (optional stainless steel slide-up available).

Electric Tarps.

Trailers equipped with electrically operated tarps now feature a rear tarp arm (instead of a cable system) to assist the roll tube while rolling up the tarp. The tarp arm significantly improves performance.

NOTE: Available for Top Hinge and Full Swing doors. Not available for Offset Top Hinge door.

Advanced Aerodynamics

The unique exo-skeletal design of Trinity trailers contributes to our superior aerodynamics. Less wind resistance equals easier pulling and less fuel usage, saving you money at the pump.

How does a Trinity belt trailer’s aerodynamics stack up against the competition? Trinity employed the services of a major U.S. mechanical and aerospace engineering service provider to find out. This company utilized sophisticated CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools to analyze the Trinity EagleBridge belt trailer design compared to other traditional belt trailers. Learn how our trailers compared.

*Spoiler alert. In all cases the Trinity trailer performed as well or better in direct comparisons.