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We think we build the best belt trailer on the market. Our customers seem to think so too.


The Toughest Trailers for the Toughest Hauls. Feed, rocks, fertilizer…Jeff Collins and his crew at Georgia-based JLC Farms haul almost anything — even chicken litter. In the forests and fields of rural Georgia, chicken farming is a major industry. Broilers and eggs make up nearly 40 percent of the state’s production value, bringing in more than $18.4 billion to the state’s economy every year. But all those chicken farms also bring something else to Georgia — chicken litter. A lot of it… READ MORE

Built for Generations of Hard Work. A small family business in Connecticut relies on their Trinity trailers to haul loads all along the east coast — and beyond.Since becoming part-owner of Connecticut Mulch 13 years ago, Kurt Lindeland has seen the business nearly quadruple in size. His company grinds bark, turning it into mulch that can be used in playgrounds, landscaping and more. In the peak of spring, Kurt says he has 175 trucks in and out of their yard on any given day. The company is on pace to haul ½ million yards a year… READ MORE

Test of Time. Hauling fertilizer is harsh. So when Greg Markarian needed trailers that can hold up, he turned to Trinity. Greg Markarian started young. At just age 21, the third-generation farmer purchased his first Trinity trailer to haul his own family’s crops, mostly almonds, citrus, cherries, and grapes. But before long, word got out among his neighbors that Greg was hauling. They asked him for help and Greg Markarian Enterprises was born… READ MORE

Manitoba Tough. Burbank Express relies on a dedicated, hard-working team and Trinity trailers to get their job done. It’s all just another day in the life of Burbank Express, a Manitoba, Canada-based transportation company specializing in helping potato producers get their payload wherever it needs to go… READ MORE

Performance + Profits. Oswald, Inc. of Shickley, Nebraska says Trinity delivers what commercial haulers demand.

For Mike Oswald, a “good” trailer has got to be tough enough, big enough, light enough and reliable enough to stand up to the rigors of his commercial hauling operation.

Based in the small town of Shickley, Nebraska, Mike and his team haul distillery grain — a product of making ethanol that is often turned into cattle feed…


Texas Tough. Jubentino Mendoza was so happy with how his Trinity trailer performed, he added 10 more to his fleet.

Jubentino Mendoza bought his first Trinity in 2008 after his previous trailer failed to withstand the harsh roads in the Texas Panhandle. As the owner of Mendoza Transportation, he needed the self-unloading belt trailer to deliver cattle feed and silage to customers up to 200 miles away from the company base in Dumas. But Mendoza’s first trailer was always popping rivets or cracking its plastic liner, costing the small business owner valuable loads and risking becoming known as the guy who couldn’t deliver on time. So Mendoza decided to give a Trinity belt trailer a try.

Problem solved.

“We go into farms and ranches where the roads aren’t the best,” Mendoza said. “Sometimes, we have to go through a ditch. The Trinity trailer will go right through it and bend and twist. We get back on the road and it’s straight again.” …


Picking Up the Litter. Alabama’s biggest chicken litter hauler relies on Trinity trailers to get the job done.

Other guys in the area might take a load of chicken litter down the road. But if you’ve got tons of chicken waste, dropped feed, feathers and other byproducts of the poultry trade that need hauling across Alabama, there’s one guy to call: Dewayne Oaks, owner of Dewayne Oaks Chicken Poultry Management….


Heavy-Duty Loads, Heavy-Duty Performance. Coal haulers need strength and rigidity more than flexibility. Trinity’s custom design are ideal for hauling the heavy loads.

Diamond Trucking owner Gerald Stokely of Stanaford, West Virginia, has three broken-down dump trucks — and he’s in no hurry to fix them. For Stokely, those dump trucks have become obsolete for his coal-hauling business because the Trinity trailers he uses simply do the job better….