Sometimes, it’s not necessary or practical to use a full-size semi trailer to haul your load. That’s when a self-unloading truck bed trailer can be just right. Trinity EagleBed truck beds have a long tradition in the potato and sugar beet industries. The EagleBed is known for its low weight, fast unloading, and ability to handle muddy, slippery unloading conditions – far better than one-piece conveyor belts.

Light & Strong
Trinity’s high capacity beds are also remarkably light. The 20’ beds typically weigh less than 4,500 pounds.

Less Hassle
Our unique side door has no latches; this allows the doors to open and shut smoothly without jamming. The inside shelf on the side door has been eliminated, and there is no place for debris to collect causing the door not to close.

Quick & Gentle
This unload system greatly reduces slippage in muddy or sloppy conditions and unloads with minimal bruising.


Fast Unload
Our new generation EagleBed truck bed features a new gear pump and 7.5 HP electric motor which generates fast unload speeds (also available with PTO).

Rugged & Flexible
Trinity EagleBed truck beds are made with high strength stainless steel in lengths from 20 to 26 feet.

Add to Your Current Truck
Have a truck you’d like to retro-fit? We can ship the 25”, 31” and 36” belt width EagleBed truck bed to your operation. Or just bring your truck to us and we’ll install the bed for you.


See the EagleBed in Action!

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